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1. Intro
2. Benefit from a Proven Process
3. Control as Much as 95% of Your Wealth
4. Move From Success to Significance
5. Integrate Advanced and Proprietary Tools
6. Assemble a Highly Skilled Planning Team
7. Obtain a Full-Color Plan Illustrating All of the Proposed Tools
8. Take Advantage of One-stop Access
9. Easily Re-optimize the Plan in response to...
10. Access Seven Levels of Service
11. Progress thru Phases at Your Pace
12. Timing of Deliverables
13. Planning Process
14. Value Showcased in Sample Deliverables
15. Family Wealth Statement
16. Financial Checkup
17. Value Proposition Letter
18. Value Proposition Letter Example
19. Planning Process: Consider 50+ Objectives
20. Planning Process: Consider 200+ Tools
21. Tactical Plan
22. Executive Summary Plan
23. Comprehensive Plan
24. Case Study: Before and After
25. Gap Between Current and Desired Results
26. Current Plan Flowchart
27. Proposed Plan Flowchart
28. Fully-integrated Cash Flow Summaries
29. Next Steps
30. Prepare a Value Proposition Letter
31. Engage LR Planners
32. Review the Benefits
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34. Our Mission

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20. Planning Process: Consider 200+ Tools

Aircraft Acquisition Strategy
Revocable Trusts
Irrevocable Trusts
Health Powers
Long-term Care
Business Continuity
Costless Collars
Synthetic Equity
Tax Free Sale of S-Corp
Financial Independence Model
Investor Play Basket
Conversion of Paper Profits
Advanced Asset Allocation
Private Equity
402E Roll-Over
ESO Foundation
Portfolio Design
Contingent Deferred Swap
Dynasty Trusts
Offshore Investments
Multi Class FLP
Short Term CRT
IRA Access Strategy
Tax Efficient Strategies
Family Bank
Stock Option Strategy
Private Foundations
SERP Exchange
Fractional Ownership Discounts
Non-taxable Installment Sales
The Family Bank
Values Transference
CRT Rollover
Wealth Responsibility Retreat
Junior Advisory Board
Education Trusts
Never Too Late Trust
Performance Trusts
Tundra Trusts

The above list summarizes some of the 200 tools that we consider when helping you realize your unique goals. It is our objective to plan a case with as few tools as possible. Through our proprietary software, we can illustrate any combination of tools listed. A number of these tools are proprietary to our advisor network.

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