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1. Intro
2. Benefit from a Proven Process
3. Control as Much as 95% of Your Wealth
4. Move From Success to Significance
5. Integrate Advanced and Proprietary Tools
6. Assemble a Highly Skilled Planning Team
7. Obtain a Full-Color Plan Illustrating All of the Proposed Tools
8. Take Advantage of One-stop Access
9. Easily Re-optimize the Plan in response to...
10. Access Seven Levels of Service
11. Progress thru Phases at Your Pace
12. Timing of Deliverables
13. Planning Process
14. Value Showcased in Sample Deliverables
15. Family Wealth Statement
16. Financial Checkup
17. Value Proposition Letter
18. Value Proposition Letter Example
19. Planning Process: Consider 50+ Objectives
20. Planning Process: Consider 200+ Tools
21. Tactical Plan
22. Executive Summary Plan
23. Comprehensive Plan
24. Case Study: Before and After
25. Gap Between Current and Desired Results
26. Current Plan Flowchart
27. Proposed Plan Flowchart
28. Fully-integrated Cash Flow Summaries
29. Next Steps
30. Prepare a Value Proposition Letter
31. Engage LR Planners
32. Review the Benefits
33. Contact Us
34. Our Mission

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14. Value Showcased in Sample Deliverables

Family Wealth Statement
Financial Checkup
Value Proposition Letter
Tactical Plan
Implementation Documents
Quarterly and Annual Reports

At our initial meeting, we can provide samples of the seven deliverables discussed on the previous slides.

It is our goal to provide great value through each phase of the planning process. Each phase provides value on a stand alone basis. It is our desire to exceed our clients' expectations. In the first phase, we assist you in defining the destination or purpose of your wealth and your current wealth status as part of the Family Wealth Statement, Value Proposition Letter, and Financial Checkup. During Phase 2, we can provide a tactical plan or a comprehensive plan. During Phase 3, we orchestrate the implementation of your portfolio design, risk management, and legal agreements. During Phase 4, we monitor and advise on a scheduled or as needed basis. We offer re-optimized versions of the plans, as well as education about any of the plan enhancements.

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