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Objective 1:
Understand the needs of wealthy families

Objective 2:
Help wealthy families preserve wealth

Objective 3:
Empower a planning team with resources to go beyond the traditional

Objective 4:
Provide "best of class" quality cost effectively

Objective 5:
Integrate one or more of 200 planning instruments into your plan

Objective 6:
Overcome frustrations expressed by wealthy families

Objective 7:
Achieve benefits not available elsewhere

Objective 8:
Our Purpose Lived Out: Challenges Families Engaged Us to Face with Them

The following is a represenstation of over 200 strategies, tactics, and tools provided by the Legacy Resources Team & Network for achieving the desired objectives of your family.

Click to illustrations of some of the 200 tools:

Employee Stock Ownership Program
Qualified Plan Strategy
Super CLAT
Charitable Remainder Trust
Grantor Deemed Owner Trust

Objective 5:
Integrate one or more of 200 planning instruments into your plan

Revocable Trusts
Irrevocable Trusts
  Incentive Trusts
  Health Powers
Long Term Care
Business Continuity Planning
Compensation Planning
Costless Collars
Leveraged ESOP
Synthetic Equity
Tax-free Sale of
Conversion of Paper Profits
Advanced Asset Allocation
Private Equity
402(e) Rollover
ESO Foundation
Portfolio Design
Exchange Traded Funds
Contingent Deferred Swap
Dynasty Trusts
Offshore Investments
Tundra Trusts
Multi Class FLP
Short Term CRT
IRA Access Strategy
Family Bank
Stock Option Strategy
Private Foundations
SERP Exchange
Fractional Ownership Discounts
Non-taxable Installment Sales
Value Transference
CRT Rollover
Wealth Responsibility Retreat
Junior Advisory Board
Education Trusts
Never Too Late Trust
Performance Trusts

Legacy Resources, LLC is an Illinois Registered Investment Advisor