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Objective 1:
Understand the needs of wealthy families

Objective 2:
Help wealthy families preserve wealth

Objective 3:
Empower a planning team with resources to go beyond the traditional

Objective 4:
Provide "best of class" quality cost effectively

Objective 5:
Integrate one or more of 200 planning instruments into your plan

Objective 6:
Overcome frustrations expressed by wealthy families

Objective 7:
Achieve benefits not available elsewhere

Objective 8:
Our Purpose Lived Out: Challenges Families Engaged Us to Face with Them

The distinctions offered by Legacy Resources are grounded in the establishment of value and results for our clients: "best of class" quality achieved cost effectively.

Objective 4:
Provide "best of class" quality cost effectively

Legacy Resources was established as a Registered Investment Advisory firm to assist wealth holders in controlling pre-tax net worth for the sake of the family members and their charitable purposes.

The company specializes in managing the complexities of wealth, both financial and non-financial, and the wide-ranging questions it creates. A client relationship is easy to begin. It starts with a “Financial Check-up”. This service includes a two hour discovery dialogue about your goals and objectives and a thorough review of your financial and legal agreements.

Working together, we determine the next steps which are right for you. Services are offered individually so that you may select, tailor, and integrate those that are most appropriate.

The professionals at Legacy Resources understand it is not the value of what you own that matters most, but rather the depth of what you value. Our entire process is focused on understanding this first and foremost. Our services are measured by the results we deliver for our clients: "best of class" quality achieved cost-effectively.

Legacy Resources, LLC is an Illinois Registered Investment Advisor