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Objective 1:
Understand the needs of wealthy families

Objective 2:
Help wealthy families preserve wealth

Objective 3:
Empower a planning team with resources to go beyond the traditional

Objective 4:
Provide "best of class" quality cost effectively

Objective 5:
Integrate one or more of 200 planning instruments into your plan

Objective 6:
Overcome frustrations expressed by wealthy families

Objective 7:
Achieve benefits not available elsewhere

Objective 8:
Our Purpose Lived Out: Challenges Families Engaged Us to Face with Them

Going Beyond The Traditional.

Objective 3:
Empower a planning team with resources to go beyond the traditional

Legacy Resources is a wealth planning company that goes beyond the traditional scope of services in providing integrated advisory, planning and wealth management services to families with substantial assets. By uniting a team of experienced planners and equipping them with state-of-the-art technology, Legacy Resources can effectively and efficiently address a comprehensive array of issues stemming from the needs of the family and its individual members. Not only are financial, legal, philanthropic, and relational needs addressed, but also the emotional, spiritual and social issues as desired by the family members.

This personal client orientation is in the tradition of the old line European private banks that attended to the diverse aspects of managing a family's wealth. Thus, asset allocation, estate design, and financial modeling services were all furnished through a centralized resource. Along the same lines, Legacy Resources provides a central resource of coordinated and highly specialized personal services for families with complex financial needs.

Legacy Resources, LLC is an Illinois Registered Investment Advisor