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Objective 1:
Understand the needs of wealthy families

Objective 2:
Help wealthy families preserve wealth

Objective 3:
Empower a planning team with resources to go beyond the traditional

Objective 4:
Provide "best of class" quality cost effectively

Objective 5:
Integrate one or more of 200 planning instruments into your plan

Objective 6:
Overcome frustrations expressed by wealthy families

Objective 7:
Achieve benefits not available elsewhere

Objective 8:
Our Purpose Lived Out: Challenges Families Engaged Us to Face with Them

Our mission is to help you develop and implement purpose-driven plans for minimizing taxes and maximizing benefits – for you, your family, your business, and your favorite charities.

We work with you to understand your purpose through a carefully-crafted summary of your spiritual, emotional, relational and financial goals. We then develop a plan that integrates the proper planning instruments to realize your vision and achieve the purpose for which you were born.

“As you move through the days and years of your life, you do not go unnoticed. You leave a trail, an impression, footprints... unquestionable proof that you existed... in the lives of those around you.”

Lee Ann Womack:
Something Worth Leaving Behind

Legacy Resources, LLC is an Illinois Registered Investment Advisor