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Challenges Families Engaged Us to Face with Them

We help families manage the complexities of wealth and the wide-ranging questions wealth raises.

Challenges Families Engaged
Us to Face
with Them

Those who are in their senior years asked us what other families are doing about the following:

Can you have a legacy when you have no children?
How do you make your time count when diminishing health overshadows your wealth?
How do you invest in your grandchildren when you can't get along with their parents?
How do I start a new conversation in a family that has been plagued by constant conflicts?
How do I define what we want "family" to mean after the business (and much of our identity) has been sold?

Those who want to transfer wealth and wisdom have wondered:

Is it more responsible to treat your children equitably or equally?
What can you do when your adult children settle for far less than what you would hope for or expect?
How much is enough for our adult children?
How can we ensure that a current transfer of wealth to adult children doesn't become a disaster?
How do I reconcile with a son or daughter who has rejected all that I've built up or hoped for?
How do I manage our children's financial expectations about money?

Clients sought creative ways to think about and address the following realities:

How do you reward children who work in the business vs. children who do not work?
What do I do when I don't know what I'm retiring to?
I always have tomorrow to deal with the issues which could bury my family today.
I'm too busy and too rich to need to worry now about what I can't see and can't feel.
My son cost me the business, and so I yell at him. Now, it's up to you to fix my son...
Sudden sadness, sudden wealth: A widow faces difficult questions-alone.

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