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Highly personalized and attentive health-care services for fitness, wellness, medical crises and emergencies.

Patient Advocate Support Services

The primary emphasis of these highly personalized, concierge-level healthcare services is on quality of care and outstanding assistance to accommodate the preferences of affluent individuals.

Unique Healthcare Benefits for Members:

1. Access to top physicians and Centers of Excellence with expedited treatment
2. Unique medical intelligence including in-depth biographical data on physicians
3. Insight from Medical Advisory Board to assist Members in choosing best medical options
4. Personal Patient Advocate; 24/7 Patient Advocate Hotline
5. Access to psychological and substance abuse practitioners and facilities
6. Services for your immediate family members
7. Sensitivity to cultural, religious and personal preferences
8. International medical referrals for routine and emergency treatment
9. Assistance obtaining prescription drugs when traveling overseas
10.   Ongoing medical updates and Member communications

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