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Challenges Families Engaged Us to Face with Them

We assist families in managing the complexities of wealth and the opportunities wealth creates. What are these complexities, how do we help, and who is it we serve?

Families engage
us to face
challenging and
personal issues with them.

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These complexities may involve tax, legal, investment, risk, or cash flow issues. They can be highly technical, or may raise questions that are highly personal. Either way, if wealthholders do not clarify the dangers and position themselves for the opportunities surrounding these issues, they run the risk of suffering loss, missing out, or finding themselves stalled in indecision.

We make it easy for clients to get at the root of these challenges and unlock significant value. For most clients our simple two-step approach is the best way to get started, and it requires only two to three hours of your time.

Step 1: We spend a few hours with you to take you through what we call The Discovery Dialogue. This is a process designed to focus the heart and mind on what you really want, and identify what stands in the way of achieving it. Our clients usually find this to be especially satisfying, because of the new-found clarity regarding complex personal and financial issues.

Step 2: We review all your legal and financial documents with the help of several of our team specialists, and publish a Financial Check-Up that clarifies the true state of your legal and financial structure in light of your goals. It is accompanied by a Value Proposition Letter which quantifies the financial benefits with respect to tax savings and portfolio costs, and other items, which require attention.

Our clients are families with wealth desiring assistance in navigating the complexities it creates. They have many choices before them and welcome an advocate who is experienced in assisting them in breaking through the false ceilings which limit their possibilities. This is what we do. We look forward to serving you and making the next years the best years possible.

To learn more about how we might serve you, please contact us by sending an email through the link below, or call me on my personal line at 847-509-9868.

Rick Harig
Legacy Strategist & Wealth Coach

Legacy Resources, LLC is an Illinois Registered Investment Advisor