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Charitable Remainder Trust
Comprehensive Plan
Employee Stock Ownership Program
Grantor Deemed Owner Trust
Qualified Plan Strategy
Super CLAT

Grantor Deemed Owner Trust

Thomas contributes $1 million of assets to a Family Limited Partnership.
Thomas receives General Partnership and Limited Partnership units in return for this contribution.
Thomas makes a gift of Limited Partnership units to the Grantor Deemed Owner Trust to give the trust viability to enter into future transactions.
Thomas sells the Grantor Deemed Owner Trust the remaining Limited Partnership units.
The trust purchases the remaining Limited Partnership units by providing Thomas with an interest-only note for the purchase price. The interest on the installment sale provides Thomas continued current income.
The Trustee of the GDOT purchases a second-to-die insurance policy on Thomas and his wife.
The trust pays for the insurance policy with excess funds generated by the Limited Partnership.
The corpus of the GDOT, including the life insurance policy or death benefits, pass to the children per terms of the trust.

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