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Charitable Remainder Trust
Comprehensive Plan
Employee Stock Ownership Program
Grantor Deemed Owner Trust
Qualified Plan Strategy
Super CLAT

Charitable Remainder

Thomas and Virginia contribute $2 million of highly appreciated marketable securities to a Charitable Remainder Trust.
For their contribution, the Smiths receive an income tax deduction of $562,880.
The Smiths receive an annual distribution of 7%, or $140,000 from the trust.
The Smiths establish an ILIT and instruct the trustee to purchase a $2.4 million policy on their lives. The Smiths have sufficient cash flow from the CRT to make annual gifts to the ILIT to fund the policy.
Upon the death of Thomas and Virginia, the remaining trust corpus passes to the Smith Foundation.
At the same time, proceeds from the $2.4 million insurance policy pass estate-tax free to Thomas and Virginia's heirs.

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